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Save Our NHS Leicestershire

List of Public Engagement Events on the Removal of Intensive Care from the General

By Save Our NHS Leicestershire
October 28, 2018

Local NHS leaders want to close the Leicester General Hospital as an acute hospital. This is one of the reasons they are removing intensive care.

They say removing intensive care from the General Hospital does not make the future removal of services inevitable. However, it clearly takes the hospital a step closer to non-viability. They have done this without any involvement of the public at all.

It is not only intensive care which is being removed from the General but also: kidney transplant, inpatient treatment of the liver, gall bladder, bile duct and pancreas, complex general surgery and colorectal surgery. The local NHS admits that other services at the General will also now have to be removed.

Instead of consulting the public, local NHS bosses will be holding token engagement events starting next week, which we plan to attend and raise our objections to their actions. Can you make one of them too?

They may ask you for your views now but they have already described themselves as ‘shovel ready’ – i.e. ready to start digging to move these services. The Clinical Commissioning Groups had a legal duty to involve the public in the decision-making process through consultation but they have breached their legal duty. Why did they think the public had nothing of interest or relevance to say on the significant downgrading of the General?

The advertised time for all these events is 5pm until 7:30pm, but the formal presentations will begin at 6pm. The dates and locations are listed as follows:

Mon 29th Oct.             Loughborough Town Hall. Market Place, Loughborough. LE11 3EB

Tues 30th Oct.             Peepul CENTRE. Orchardson Avenue, Leicester. LE4 6DP

Thur 1st Nov.              Civic Centre. Burton Street, Melton Mowbray. LE13 1GH

Wed 7th Nov.              Lyric Rooms. Lower Church Street, Ashby-de-la Zouch. LE65 1AB

Wed 14th Nov.            Eyres Monsell Club & Institute. Littlejohn Road. LE2 9BL. (Drop in session only. No formal presentation)

Thur 15th Nov.           Three Swans Hotel. 21 High Street, Market Harborough. LE16 7NJ

Mon 19th Nov.            Rutland County Council Catmose St, Oakham. LE15 6HP

Mon 26th Nov.           Sketchley Grange Hotel. Hinckley. LE10 3HU

Tues 27th Nov.            De Montfort University. The Hugh Aston Building. The Newarke, Leicester, LE2 7BY

If you are planning to attend one of these sessions, here are some issues you can raise:

  • Local NHS proposals for change are NOT for the improvement of services but to make them cheaper as the NHS is not receiving enough funding. Don’t be taken in.
  • Local NHS leaders are pushing through tens of millions of pounds worth of cuts to services this year alone.
  • NHS leaders want more patient care to take place in people’s own homes where it is cheaper. What will the quality of this care be?
  • Local NHS leaders want family members to take on more care of the sick in order to save money. Can all families manage that?
  • Shortage of funds is forcing the NHS to take short-term decisions which are damaging our health care in the long-term – for instance, they want to sell of buildings and land (including at the General) in order to save money now – but leaving us without these assets in the future.
  • We are the 6th richest nation in the world. The country CAN afford a high quality health service. We have a government which doesn’t want one. The question is why doesn’t the government want us to have one?
  • Theresa May says austerity is at an end. Let’s see it by the proper funding of the NHS.
  • All public services are deteriorating. In the NHS, waiting lists are growing and waiting times are growing. It is getting harder to access treatment and some treatment is being removed from free NHS provision. Staff are being driven out by exhaustion and demoralisation. How can we stop this happening to the NHS?

We are calling for a full public consultation.

We are calling for the resignation of those leading the Clinical Commissioning Groups.

We are calling for the proper funding of the NHS and an end to austerity (which has not worked).

We are calling for high quality care for all when they need it – in keeping with the founding principles of the NHS.