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Save Our NHS Leicestershire

Health campaigners respond to Leicester NHS Trust’s £46million accounting hole

By Save Our NHS Leicestershire
February 8, 2021


Save our NHS Leicestershire is aware that two former NHS bosses have been reported to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after a £46 million hole was found in 2018-2019 accounts of Leicester’s Hospitals, leaving the trust in the nationally ‘unprecedented’ position of being unable to submit ‘true and fair accounts’ to the Government.

At present the details of what has happened with the finance of our local hospitals are not fully known and we do not wish to leap to any conclusions although we imagine members of the Governing Board, which has ultimate responsibility, are considering their positions.

At this stage, we hope that these developments do not distract our attention from supporting the NHS staff caring for large numbers of Covid patients by doing everything we can to avoid transmitting the virus.

In the medium term, given the reference in the Audit Committee’s report to the Board last week to “potential collusion with other NHS commissioners”, we will be seeking assurances that the financial information provided to the public in the recent Building Better Hospitals For the Future consultation was not misleading.


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