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Save Our NHS Leicestershire

SOS NHS Leicester: Protest on February 26

By Save Our NHS Leicestershire
February 3, 2022

Join the protest: Gallowtree Gate (by the Natwest), Leicester, 12noon  Saturday February 26

The NHS is in crisis. This crisis is not caused by Covid-19, although the pandemic has made it worse. The crisis has been caused by government policies including:

A ‘decade of austerity’ in which NHS and social care funding fell behind the costs of patient need

Policies damaging to staff – e.g. pay freezes, cutting resources, abolishing the training bursary for nurses and other professionals and constantly reorganising work.

Decisions to keep cutting hospital bed numbers and closing hospital departments such as A&Es even though the population is growing.

These policy decisions resulted in:

  • An NHS and social care system which did not grow in line with the population and has become too small – NHS waiting lists had almost doubled between 2010 and 2020 before Covid-19 hit and have increased further since
  • Shortages of nurses, GPs, carers and all professional groups as staff leave for reasons such as overwork, exhaustion and stress
  • Cuts in services which damaged the ability of the UK to respond effectively to the Covid19 pandemic
  • Increasing privatisation, that means profits for big companies at the expense of more services, along with quicker treatment only if you can afford it. The government’s new Health & Care Bill worsens this
  • Ongoing uncertainty as to whether government will fund the investment people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland need in our local hospital and community services

The UK is a rich country, but resources are very unequally shared out. We support tax increases on large businesses and the super-rich to increase funding for health and social care. We are calling for:

  • An immediate investment of £20bn so the NHS can expand and waiting times can be slashed
  • A restorative pay rise for NHS and care workers
  • An end to privatisation and a commitment by government to a good quality, publicly funded health service where care is free for patients
  • Government commitment to funding in full Leicester’s hospital reorganisation scheme with enough beds and space to “future proof” it

But this change will only come from public pressure alongside patients, NHS staff & trade union action. For more info or to or get involved locally contact: or 07896 841 902

Nationally, support ‘SOS NHS’: