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Save Our NHS Leicestershire

Save Our NHS Leicestershire – our local concerns (leaflet)

By Save Our NHS Leicestershire
March 6, 2022

Hospital Services

Our local NHS hospitals require significant investment to improve facilities for patients and the working environment for staff. The public have been consulted on specific plans for this and we welcome government investment but we have several concerns.

Large scale investment of hundreds of millions of pounds must result in hospital facilities which are fit for the long-term. This means we must have enough beds and enough space to offer safe care in pandemic conditions. At present, we are not convinced that, with the projected bed numbers and sale of most of the Leicester General Hospital, the remaining hospitals will be big enough

The government has yet to confirm funding for the full local hospital plans so we are facing delays and there is a danger the plans will have to be cut back. Delays for routine hospital treatment are longer than elsewhere in the country and too few beds in our NHS hospitals will mean more use of private hospitals.

Integrated Care Systems – or ICSs

The government is reorganising health services across England into “Integrated Care Systems” – our system is Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. While we welcome closer working between the NHS and local authorities so that patients receive more joined-up care, we oppose the presence of private companies in these systems. There is a danger that private companies or social enterprises will be able to influence decisions about how public money will be used and how patients will be cared for. We are campaigning to have no private companies in our local NHS. We also fear these new systems may result in poorer quality care and greater difficulty in getting access to care.

Openness and public accountability

The NHS is paid for by all of us through our taxation and it exists to give us good health care when we need it. So it is OUR NHS. However, sometimes decision-making by local NHS leaders is overly secretive and information is withheld from the public in this area where that information might be shared with the public in other parts of the country. We want to see more information shared earlier with the public.

As well as campaigning on these local issues, we are campaigning for a better funded NHS and an expansion of health care services so that patients can receive the care they need when they need it.

If you would like to join us in campaigning on these issues, please contact or 07896 841 902

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