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Investment in Rutland Memorial Hospital welcome, but will it be enough?

By Godfrey Jennings
August 15, 2022

It might, at first look, appear churlish to criticise £1 million investment in Rutland Memorial Hospital (RMH). After all shouldn’t we be grateful that University Hospitals Leicester (UHL) are not closing it like they are St. Mary’s Birthing Centre in Melton?

Yet, beyond the spin it is worth noting that in 2017 consulting engineers were engaged to review the condition of RMH and identified a significant amount of work to restore the buildings to an operational state. The heralded revamp is hardly more than the completion of this work.

Where is the enhanced provision needed in the context of the UHL reconfiguration and the government’s mantra of ‘care closer to home’? Where is the investment for dialysis, chemotherapy etc. as recommended by the Rutland Health and Social Care Consortium’s Rutland Health Plan? And where does it leave overall health provision in Rutland with an aging population and further building developments planned? It might be worth asking the GP’s at Oakham Medical Centre.

One final, but crucial point, we must keep UHL to its promise of returning the ward from Loughborough.